The positives & negatives of blogging. Part 1: negatives

If you're a blogger you know that there is both positive and negative when it comes to blogging.  I was thinking about doing a couple of posts focusing on the good and not so good sides of blogging, maybe you can relate to some of them.

On social media it's not unusual for some people to assume that all bloggers have an easy life and get sent freebies etc etc, which of course isn't the case, there is tons of hard work, blood, sweat and tears involved. 

I don't wish to be all doom and gloom but I do think it's important to write a post like this to help other bloggers out there. As a blogger you might be having a crappy time of it and thinking others are getting opportunities when you're not. You may feel that you're the only one who gets patronising emails from brands. Whatever your hang up about blogging is, you're not alone. 

I wouldn't consider myself a successful blogger. I work full time and blog in the evenings so it's like two jobs (thank goodness for tweetdeck and scheduled tweets lol). There are some who have blogging as their full time jobs and that's amazing if you can afford to do it and make enough money. 

I got a bit obsessed with trying to make something from my blog last year and it made me ill. I talked a bit about my panic attacks and it was all to do with doing too much, working full time and trying really hard to make my blog a success. I saw a lot of negative situations amongst fellow bloggers too. It got to the point where every time I logged into twitter there was bloggers arguing.

So, I just wanted to list some of the things you might have experienced as a blogger or if you're new to the blogging world, keep these things in mind, prepare for them and know that you're not the only one to have experienced such things.

And before I go into the nitty gritty. This isn't to put you off of blogging. Like I said before there's also positives with blogging. It's the yin and yang. In part 2 I'll be talking about the positives.

The negatives of blogging: 

- Sometimes you'll be offered paid opportunities and sometimes you won't. It can be hard also to see a fellow blogger being paid for a product review when you didn't get paid for yours. This is part of the reason that there is a negative side to the blogging community because brands and PR's will tell one blogger that the post is 'gifted' because they have 'no budget' but in the next breath, they'll provide a product for review and a payment to another blogger. 

- Brands/PR's contacting you about doing a collaboration (this isn't to be said about ALL brands/PR's but there is quite a few out there that try to exploit bloggers for free promo). They ask for your address and discuss the post and product(s) with you. They say they're going to send the product(s) out to you but weeks go by and you hear nothing. You contact them and no response. I find this strange but it happens quite a lot to bloggers. Maybe the brands have different people managing their accounts or it's just sheer ignorance but it is cruel to bloggers who plan and organise to do that specific post only to be left high and dry.

- You'll work hard on a post, photographs on fleek, hours spent tweaking and perfecting everything and you send a link to the brand or PR on twitter or by email and they completely ignore you. This happened to me a lot last year and it feels horrible especially if they've asked you to send them the link and you see them retweeting other bloggers who've reviewed their products. 

- Beware of 'cliques'. There are some bloggers out there who are bitchy, I'm not going to lie. When I first started blogging I took the plunge and did a blogger chat on a popular platform and these bloggers were horrible to me, said I asked boring questions and that they were going to watch TV. To be fair, a few lovely bloggers supported me and said they were enjoying the chat. Funny thing is, these bloggers who were the bitchies were popular. You could see that a lot of bloggers didn't want to rock the boat with them incase they ended up out of the loop in the blogging community. There is a few bloggers who will kiss up to those types, I don't know why but I do see it a lot. I've also seen these bloggers pick on other bloggers too. 

- If you run a retweet account to help support fellow bloggers don't expect to get a lot of thanks for it. You're most likely to get complaints that you didn't retweet every single post they tagged you in. I had a retweet account that I deleted last year (I've set it back up again: @TheBloggersPost) and it had thousands of followers. Everyday I retweeted everyone's posts and I had one day when I was sick and I got a few tweets complaining, I remember one tweet ''Is there a reason why my posts have not been retweeted today?'' (with an angry face). I was pissed off to tell you the truth. I probably had a hand full of thank yous for the whole time I ran the account. So I deleted it but now I've set up a new account for people who appreciate it and I retweet when I have the time to do it, maybe once or twice a day.

- You might not get invited to blogger events. I never got invited to blogger events. At first I wondered why, I took part in chats, got on with everyone, retweeted peoples posts etc but again it was down to the cliquey thing. There were certain events that had the same people invited and to be honest I just didn't kiss ass enough lol. Now I'm happy to just do my blog posts and chat to the nice bloggers. I attend events and connect with bloggers through my work now but these are events arranged by companies, not by the bloggers themselves. 

- You might not get nominated for an award. To stand a chance, again this is down to 1) having a good blog and 2) the right amount of ass kissing in the blogging community 3) If you have popular bloggers as friends or they are on/know someone on the judging panel that can big you up. There are genuine blogger awards out there where people who've worked hard are rewarded and that's great. I see a lot of bloggers with amazing blogs who never get a look in and I've seen bloggers who have nice but really new blogs but because they've sweetened up a few people they've bagged those nominations. You don't need an award to tell you that you're a good blogger. If you've won an award then that's great. Like I said before it's not the case with all blogger awards.

- Bloggers unfollowing you on social media. I laugh when I see some bloggers who claim to be supportive but they play the unfollow game.  They follow you, wait till you follow back and then they unfollow. They do it a lot on instagram. I see tweets everyday with people being fed up of this so if you're having this situation, you're not alone....and make sure you unfollow right back!!

- Not getting enough views on that blog post you sat up all night working on. This is horrible and my advice for this is to try not to take it personally, you know it's a brilliant post. You don't need other people's approval. And don't be afraid to keep promoting that post. Use different hashtags, retweet accounts. Keep promoting your post and you'll soon see the numbers go up. 

- If you're on instagram or twitter and you post/tag a brand that you've collaborated with, expect certain bloggers (who never talk to you normally) pop up in the comments with something along the lines of ''Oh, this is lovely. I wish I could try this''. They do this hoping that the brand will see them and send them the products. You might also gets messages from certain bloggers asking you for PR emails and who you've collaborated with. 

Well, that's all that comes to mind for me right now in regards to the negative side of blogging and I hope that it's helped you in some way. Have you had any negative blogging experiences? leave comments below, drop me a dm or email, maybe write your own post and spill the tea lol!

Look out for part 2: positives 

Thanks as always for reading, see you in the next post x

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