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So, you'll know doubt have seen the clips or even watched the show 'Loose women' yesterday and know all about the Kim Woodburn drama. Well, for those who don't know Kim appeared on the show yesterday and let's just say it was like watching a bunch of bitchy 'mature' women acting like kids in a school playground.

There's no love lost between Kim and Coleen Nolan but yesterday it was very much 'Coleen and her gang' with Kim outnumbered and it was quite difficult to watch. You can watch the clip here 

Kim Woodburn is known for being outspoken and a bit of a diva but her heart's in the right place and to see her breakdown whilst talking about her difficult childhood (whilst Coleen, her sister and the rest of her gang whispered amongst each other ''We've heard it all before, ''She's going to cry in a minute''). It was pathetic TV viewing.

I'm not a fan of Coleen Nolan to be quite honest, especially after she kept quiet about being paid 10,000 to do a ''charity performance'' for a cancer charity which only made 5,000. If you're a decent person who cares and wants to raise awareness, you should wave a fee and I'm sickened that she didn't donate her 10,000 fee to the charity which obviously needed it more than her. 

This isn't the first time that 'loose women' has caused a stir, they have been known to give opinions on things and say controversial comments. I don't see the point of Loose women. I watched it years ago and it didn't seem that bad but over recent times it just seems to be getting more bitchy as it goes along. Loose women doesn't make women look good, it makes us look like moany, bitchy, demanding women who tear other women down for the sake of ratings. I think it's time for loose women to call it a day. 

I couldn't believe what I saw yesterday, Coleen is very much your stereo typical 'queen bee' who sat there playing the ''I don't know what's going on'' card whilst her sister and gang continued to mock Kim. A bitchy display by grown women who should know better. 

Linda Nolan (Coleen's sister) said to Kim ''What is your talent'' whilst the audience all cackled and cheered like they were at a pantomime. I don't see how this is empowering women or doing anything whatsoever to help women, it was a disgrace. 

I know that Ofcom has received a number of complaints and that Kim has had a outpouring of support on social media. People were just as disgusted as I was.

If you've ever been bullied, you'll know what it's like to sit there whilst a gang mocks you and you'll understand how horrible Kim must have felt. it was certainly uncomfortable for the people (not the Coleen muppets in the audience who seemed to think they were at the Jeremy Kyle show) watching it.

Well, that's my rant. I think it should be axed. Something else should replace it!

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If you would like to make a complaint about Kim's treatment on the show or the overall conduct of Loose Women in general, share your views/complaints: here

(UPDATE: Coleen Nolan has issued a statement through her PR team that she has cancelled her tour and taking a break from Loose Women. Earlier in the week, Coleen appeared on the daytime TV show 'This Morning' to talk about the whole situation. To many viewers it came across as damage limitations and it seemed to be all very much about Coleen with no apology to Kim. As you can imagine since the Loose Women episode aired, together with revelations about Coleen's alleged homophobic comments and the fact that she took £10,000 to take part in a cancer charity fundraiser, doesn't look good.  Coleen has said that online trolls have caused her to have the ''worst week of her life'')

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