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Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I consider it a day for me to really relax, unwind and pamper myself. 

My day usually starts with a lay in, no alarms just waking up naturally is bliss! I usually go makeup free on a Sunday with my hair in a messy top bun.

my outfit of the day is my bath robe or a towel if I'm getting out of the bubblebath. there's something really relaxing about chilling with your hair wrapped up in a towel. 

I have breakfast and check social media, post a blog post etc. Then I flick through Netflix. 

At this point I might just have a face mask on or just some moisturiser. I like letting my skin breath on a Sunday.
In the afternoon I love cooking something nice for Sunday dinner. I usually have either a Quorn roast dinner, vegetarian enchiladas or vegetarian spaghetti bolognese. 

I'll just chill and watch some movies after dinner and sort out my diary for the week ahead. Then towards the evening I run a nice big bubblebath with some candles and music.

After my bubblebath I relax for a while, maybe check social media and watch a movie. I then moisturise from head to toe. I love Champneys so I usually use some products from their range. 

After pampering comes the nails. I always paint my nails on a Sunday. The pic above is my favourite shade of red from champneys, these are my nails after a week with hardly any chips. champneys do a fantastic range of nail polishes that are rich in colour and long lasting. 

I love having a good pampering session with Champneys I always feel like my body and skin have had the spa treatment at home.

After I'm all pampered and nails are done, I check that I have everything ready for the morning (alarm set, outfit etc) and then I'll chill for some more before bed.

So as you can see, Sunday is pretty much a lazy day for me of just relaxing, binge watching movies and pampering. I do believe that it's good for you to do this especially if you know you have a busy week ahead, it's important to take a day to yourself to recharge.

What's your Sunday routine and which products do you swear by? leave a comment below or tell me on Twitter 

Happy Sunday and remember  "A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content"

See you in the next post x

*All pics are my own, all products purchased by myself*

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