Giveaway & a few words!

I've really appreciated all of the lovely messages I've had on social media about my previous two posts that I put up last week: Finding a lump in my breast  and What's happening to me (panic attacks/anxiety) I didn't expect to have such lovely feedback and to hear/read that they helped a few people. I had some interesting chats with people and was also surprised that quite a few men (who are not fellow bloggers) had read my blog post on panic attacks and that it hit a nerve with them.

It's so great to see bloggers talking about their experiences and helping raise awareness, it's so important. 

There's other topics I will be talking about on my blog at some point and thinking of sharing some experiences (once I pluck up the courage to do it lol). 

Whilst I remember, I just want to give a shoutout to a fantastic person who is also a blogger and talented writer: Sophie from Soinspo There's never a day goes by that Sophie isn't supporting fellow bloggers and spreading positivity. She shares her personal experiences on her blog and her tweets are always relatable, you should check her out @sophie_sierra 

Don't forget to enter my latest giveaway to win a stunning Nude eyeshadow palette from the amazing brand: TheBalm look out for the competition tweet on my @CaledonianTweet page on twitter. Be quick though as it ends on Monday 6th August! Good luck.

See you in the next post or on twitter!

x Jo

* both pictures are my own, first pic: Nude palette by TheBalm. second pic: 35 smoke it out color eyeshadow palette by Crownbrush *