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There are a lot of things I like about social media and a few things I don't. I enjoy the easy access to information on things I'm interested in, chatting with people from all over the world amongst other things. There are quite a few positives about social media and of course there is a lot of negatives too.

I count myself lucky to have grown up without social media, high school and being a teenager was hard enough without the added pressures of the internet. Social media came into my life in my 20's and at first like a lot of people I was addicted to twitter and spent a lot of time chatting to people who I considered my 'online' friends. 

I enjoyed using Twitter and for a short while I had facebook. Facebook became a nightmare with people from the past trying to add me (bullies from school, stalkers etc) and there was a lot of trolling going on. I remember being tagged in someones post and I got a barrage of nasty comments about my appearance from this group of people from somewhere abroad. I didn't take anything they said on board, I just thought the whole thing was stupid. Had it have been someone else it may have upset them. 

I got rid of facebook because it was boring and negative. I much prefer Twitter although I have been trolled on there too. A few years ago there was this sad loser from somewhere in England (he once made the mistake of posting a picture of himself and his location) had an account that was just for trolling people. This person would send the most horrendous things to people and I became one of his victims. At the time it was a scary experience because I didn't know what to do or how to make it stop. This troll would also have 'fans' of his account and they would join in with sending people abuse.

I deleted my twitter account and left social media for 6 months and got on with my life. It was a horrible experience and a lot of horrible things were said to me but I knew that this was just a sad person on the internet and that as soon as I logged off and carried on in the real world, it would all be forgotten. I ended up coming back to Twitter and that person had their account suspended. 

like I said before, I grew up without social media so I can cope without being on Twitter/instagram etc plus I'm often busy in my life and see social media as something to do when I'm relaxing or writing blog posts in my spare time. I don't spend hours on social media like I used to.

What inspired me to write this post was the recent death of a reality TV star who took her own life due to depression that was made even worse by the constant trolling on her social media platforms. Her boyfriend who himself was going through grief and posting pictures of her on his instagram was bombarded with sickening comments on social media, committed suicide yesterday. This man would respond to the trolls and argue with them on social media. The whole thing was horrible, you would think that people would have every sympathy at a time like this but amongst the nice comments were disgusting ones and it makes you wonder what goes through these peoples minds.

I've seen this quite a lot, people who are struggling and they feel some kind of release by sharing their thoughts online, like it's their diary and often you will see lots of support but you'll also see really nasty comments, there seems to be people out there who get off on kicking someone when they're down and they hide behind a computer screen and nine times out of ten they get away with it.

A few years ago I was having a hard time (I tend not to share anything too personal on social media now) and I tweeted that I was fed up with things and someone tweeted me telling me to commit suicide with a list of ways on how I could do it. Again, I just looked at it, thought it was stupid and decided then and there that I wouldn't share anything too personal online again.

It's almost like there's these unhappy people out there who sit in front of their computer screens looking to troll someone they're envious of and get some kind of kick out of saying the most horrible things possible. 

There needs to be better regulation and some kind of law put in place. I know that Katie Price has been campaigning for people who troll to be prosecuted. Katie has been through hell with her son constantly being the target for trolls. 

There's been so many suicides because of people being pushed to the edge by trolls. I wish I knew the answers, all I can say is, if you're being trolled, step away from the computer, log out of social media. you must take yourself away from it for the sake of your well being and mental health. 

You know who you are, the people around you in real life know who you are. You don't need trolls on social media telling you how to look, dress, etc etc. Trolls will pick on anything and they can target anyone at anytime, you must not give them any attention, block/report straight away and move on. 

Social media has become such a big part of peoples everyday lives that some people can't walk away from it but it's important that they do for their own sake if trolling on a major scale happens. You don't deserve it and don't need to put up with it. 

Be careful what you share on social media and look after yourself!

If you feel you need someone to talk to and feel you can't reach out to family/friends please contact 116 123 (if you're in the UK) or email Find out the number for a helpline in your country and get some support. 

Feel free to email or direct message me on twitter (links on my home page) and we can chat.

Don't suffer in silence, you're not alone and so many people feel exactly the same way. There is light at the end of the tunnel and trolls on social media are nothing of importance. 

Take care of yourself!

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