THIS gets on my nerves!

Being a blogger and working in PR, I've seen a few things in regards to how brands and PR's work and I've mentioned this before but what I haven't mentioned is the tactics that can be used by some small business owners or those people that try to flog you Avon or some kind of other skincare product.

If you're a blogger with quite a number of followers on any of your social media platforms you've probably had this email or direct message on twitter:

''Hi, I really love your blog, brilliant posts. I'm a small business owner (or rep for some kind of skincare brand/juice brand) but I'm new to social media and don't know how to grow my following, because I'm a small brand, I don't have any budget but was wondering if you could possibly give me some tips on how to grow my audience and maybe give me some shoutouts or retweets on your social media platforms, maybe a mention on your blog with a link to my website?''.

well, I thought the days of people (brands) trying to get freebies out of me were a thing of the past since I do blogging part time and work in PR and a lot of my recent posts have not been product reviews, but somebody followed me on twitter and it turned out that this person was an 'ambassador' for a new skincare brand (think Avon but not well known). I didn't know who they were, I just followed them back. Well, within 10 minutes of following them back I'm getting direct messages asking this, asking that, I didn't reply so this morning I checked my emails and this person popped up on there too!

Turns out that this person/ambassador/small biz owner has only 6 followers on Twitter and the short of the story is, they have no idea about my blog or that I work in PR, they just looked at how many followers I had and because they're too lazy to build up their own twitter page and promote their own product they were expecting me to do all the leg work for free!

I don't mind doing favours, retweets for fellow bloggers and brands (especially those that treat bloggers fairly) that I have a good relationship with. Don't be fooled by smaller brands, there's ones out there who work their fingers to the bone and then there's ones who try and use bloggers for free publicity with nothing in return for their hard work and these are the ones that do my head in! It's pure laziness! 

I haven't responded, I just blocked that person cause it was getting on my nerves and I felt a bit insulted that they thought they could pull that stroke with me. I worry for other bloggers who can be tricked into these things. The bottom line is, if brands/small businesses/skincare reps etc, contact you, you better be getting something out of it, don't work for free! When I first started blogging years ago I worked for free, I didn't know the ropes properly and I got treated like crap by brands/PRs and it made me feel awful, all my hard work for nothing.

I'm pleased to see though that a lot of bloggers have been sharing their experiences with certain brands/PRs and people are getting wise to it and refusing to work for free.

well, rant over but I just wanted to share this as a reminder not to be fooled by anyone who's out to get something free from you and don't fall for the "I'm new to social media, I don't know how it all works" that's rubbish, that's so you'll tell them what you do to promote and grow your followers/views. 

As always thanks for checking out my latest post and the pic above is of my current nail colour: (it's giving me summery 80s vibes) Damson by Barry M.


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