Summer lovin!

over the past few weeks in the UK we've been having a heatwave so there's been plenty of sleepless nights, munching on ice cream and drinking like a fish for me. I think I've been getting four hours of sleep per night since the heatwave started. 

I am in a summer mood believe it or not although I much prefer autumn/winter nowadays. I've seen a few summer tags floating around the blogger world and I thought I'd create my own version. So here are my favourite things I like about summer together with some of my tips for keeping cool, enjoy!

Q1, What flavour ice cream is my favourite?

I love mint ice cream either plain or with dark chocolate chips in.

Q2, Earliest childhood memory of summer?

I remember being at the park in my hometown in Scotland, I'd just gotten an ice cream cone from the ice cream van and I ran with it in my hand. The ice cream fell out of the cone and I wasn't too happy about that lol, but luckily I got another one.

Q3, Favourite summer drink?

I like either ice cold orange juice, baileys or cider with ice. People think I'm mad but I still like drinking cappuccino and tea in the hot weather.

Q4, Favourite Summer snack?

I love Quorn roast chicken pieces or Quorn cocktail sausages. I also like pringles. During summer I tend to eat buffet type food, little nibbles here and there lol.

Q5, Favourite summer outfits?

I love crop tops, maxi dresses, floaty tops. anything that is pretty and light for this weather. I also like wearing strappy sandals and flip flops.

Q6, Favourite summer tunes?

I like a lot of cheesy 90's summer tunes and classic beach boys, anything summery.

Q7, Favourite sunscreen?

I've been using Ambre solaire since a child when I'm tanning.

Q8, Favourite summer film?

I like weekend at bernies 1 or 2 or Dirty Dancing

Q9, Favourite place to be in the summer?

At the beach or an ice cream parlour in Loch lomond or Largs.

Q10, Favourite makeup and nail shades during summer?

For my face I like bronze and gold shades. For nails I like a lot of bright colours.

Q11, Favourite summer hairstyle?

I love a messy top bun especially as I have really long hair.

Q12, Favourite summer perfume?

I'm still loving my Dior 'Miss Dior, Eau de parfum'. I only use a little bit of it in this weather.

Q13, My summer tips?

~ Always keep hydrated.
~ Always have some ice lollies or ice cream in the fridge (in case the ice cream van doesn't show up).
~ Always wear sunscreen.
~ Exercise lightly.
~ invest in a fan.
~ If you have long hair, wear it up in a bun, it'll feel much cooler on your neck. 
~ wear loose, comfortable clothing.
~ don't wear boots in this weather, your feet will feel like they're baking. Wear some pretty sandals or flip flops to let the air get to your feet and help keep you cool. 
~ Be careful if you wear black cause the sun will hit you stronger and try to avoid wearing bright yellow as this can attract lots of little insects.

So, that's my post on things I like about summer. Feel free to have a go! don't forget to tag me on twitter and I'll retweet it on my @caledonianTweet @TheBloggersPost accounts and give you a shout out!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep cool x 

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