Twitter drama!

(I thought this picture of my cat MJ summed up this post perfectly, lol!)

I remember a time when twitter was fun and carefree. I've been thinking about when I first started Twitter way back in 2009 and I was addicted to it at the time. I remember coming home from Uni/work and tweeting, it was a way for me to relax, have fun chatting to people with similar interests and sharing thoughts. Fast forward to now and people are leaving it in droves, getting suspended for sharing an opinion and too busy fighting over what Donald Trump has had for breakfast. 

There's so many people looking to virtue signal and get the most retweets and likes as possible and some people are getting shadow banned. I see a lot more bullying, racism, a "sheeple" like mentality, crack down on free speech and just drama, drama, drama. 

Another thing that annoys me is celebrities getting involved in politics, giving their opinions on matters that really don't concern them in their multi million pound mansions. and 9 times out of 10 you'll find they've got an new album out or a new film to promote so they are desperate to say something controversial to get all eyes on them. 

Some people go too far for cheap publicity, for example some guy who I've found out is a relative of Jane Fonda has tweeted that Donald Trump's son Barron should be thrown in a cage with child abusers. People have actually retweeted and liked this tweet, what is going on in the world! 

I think back to 2009 when I used to come on twitter for a laugh and there would be people that I would chat to all the time, those people have since left twitter and gone back to facebook cause they've had enough. I'm still on twitter obviously but not as much as I used to be. sometimes I'll pop on twitter during the day when I get a spare moment and it's the same drama everyday.

what's the answer? I don't know, I think I just have to accept that like twitter the world has changed esp the UK as you may have seen if you've been paying attention, free speech is about dead in the UK. A lot of strange things have been going on over here with grooming gangs being hushed up and not being reported to the public. 

I'm just having a rant, Twitter has changed, it's no longer care free, more changes have come into play and almost everyone is angry and needing to vent their frustrations about the government and then there's those who love to turn attention to themselves by tweeting things they know people want to hear. Johnny Rotten once said that honesty was the most offensive thing in the world today and it's the truth. 

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x Jo