Emily Hayward | Tribute post

It's been a beautiful day, the sun has been shining, the sky has been baby blue and the temperature has been high. Today was also a day where we found out that the inspirational Emily Hayward had sadly passed away and it turned a beautiful bright day into a dark one. 

If you ever got the chance to meet Emily or watched her videos on you tube, you'd understand the impact her passing has had on so many people around the world. 

Emily battled cancer on and off for 8 years and she never gave up. she shared her journey on social media in such a brave, honest and no holds barred way. She had the ability to turn a devastating subject like cancer and make it sound like it was no big deal. She'd go about her daily life, going to the gym, shopping with her wife Aisha (who was also an amazing tower of strength for her) and always had a cheery, upbeat and happy smile through it all.

Her strength and determination was awesome! It was like she had some kind of super woman power, for all that she went through she just kept bouncing back with more determination, more strength.

I started watching her videos a few months ago but she'd been doing vlogging for a long time. Even though I hadn't been following her journey for as long as some of her other followers, I still found myself drawn to her personality and shed tears when I found out today that she had died.

As well as being sad, I was angry, angry because this beautiful young woman who had everything to live for, had to go through all that she went though and also my heart ached for her wonderful wife Aisha and her family. 

Quite a lot of us have lost wonderful people to cancer and it's just not fair. There's people who are fighting right now as I type this. I've lost a lot of close family members to cancer like a lot of people have and the anger is strong, when will there ever be a cure for this? how many people have to continue to struggle and lose their lives? it's devastating.

I just felt like I wanted to say a few words about Emily and the impact she had on me. She meant a lot to so many people, you only have to look at the hundreds of messages left on her social media platforms to see how her death has saddened so many. 

You can find Emily's youtube channel here & her Instagram here 

you can also find various articles etc about Emily when you type 'Emily Hayward' into Google search.

It's a sad day and I hope that she is at peace, she was such an inspiration and touched the lives of people she never even met.

R.I.P Emily x

(photo cred: basicfunerals.org) 

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