The "Comfy Questions" tag.

I saw this questionnaire on twitter which a few bloggers were tweeting about. It looked fun but instead of completing it on twitter I've decided to put it on my blog instead. I don't know where the tag originated from so I can't shout out the blogger who or whoever created it but here goes...

Q1, How do you like your tea?

At the moment I've been drinking a lot of herbal teas like chamomile and mint (Pukka is my favourite herbal tea brand) but I usually have Decaff tea with milk and no sugar. 

Q2, Favourite Dessert?

I like cakes especially if they're from Valarie's Patisserie

Q3, Favourite season and why?

I used to love summer but over the last few years I've been loving Autumn/Winter more. I just find the later months of the year to have more of a positive feeling with Halloween, My birthday which falls on Guy Fawkes day/bonfire night and Christmas.

Q4, What cheers you up?

Music, scented candles, shopping.

Q5, Dogs or cats?


Q6, What's your dream holiday?

Staying in a gorgeous castle or hotel in the highlands, Scotland

Q7, How many kids do you want?

I would love to have 2 but I'll just leave it to fate. If I could only have 1 I would be just as happy. 

Q8, Favourite Weather?

Sunny with a breeze. I do like snow especially around Christmas time.

Q9, What would your last meal be?

French fries, Veggie subway, chocolate cake. 

Q10, You could spend 24 hours anywhere?

hmmm 24 hours? probably go up to Scotland and spend time with friends and fam.

Q11, If you were a ghost, who and where would you haunt?

Probably Morrissey or Depeche Mode so I could watch them work in the studio and get a preview of  their new songs

Q12, What is your family ancestry?

Scottish and Irish 

Q13, What scares you?

Spiders, Illness, Death, Losing people I care about or something bad happening to them.

Q14, What are you most grateful for?

Everything I have and the people I have in my life.

Q15, Dream job?

Depeche Mode or Morrisseys manager lol

Q16, Do you believe in aliens?

I do, I find paranormal stuff interesting

Q17, Favourite sport?

Ice skating

Q18, How do you relax after a long day?

I've started reading books in the evening. I find it really relaxing. Comfy socks on, candles lit, big cup of tea and a good book. It's great to unwind and take a break from social media. 

Q19, If you could meet one historical figure who would it be and why?

Robert Burns, I just think it would be interesting to meet someone who has had such a huge impact on poetry and literature worldwide for all of these years

Q20, If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?

I'm such a nerd, I would probably do History 

Q21, Describe your perfect day?

Shopping followed by spa then a takeaway and horror movies in the evening 

Q22, Describe yourself in a sentence?

I would say I'm bonkers but my heart's in the right place lol

Q23, Who makes you laugh the most?

Billy Connolly

Q24, What superpower would you choose?

I'd cure people of terminal illnesses 

Q25, Favourite animal?

I love all animals, it would be hard to pick just one

Q26, Biggest accomplishment?

There's quite a few achievements I'm proud of but I still have more dreams and goals I would like to achieve. 

So, there you have it! why not have a go yourself on your blog or twitter.

see you in the next post x

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