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(Remember to take time to pamper yourself! Some of my faves from Champneys)

Hi guys & gals, 

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas & New Year and are excited for 2018! I have to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who checked out my Christmas gift guide as well as other posts last year, I couldn't believe the number of views so thanks again. 

If you follow me on social media you might have noticed that I haven't posted much this year (except for scheduled tweets on my Twitter account for my blog), I've been taking a break from blogging and twitter and focusing on work, friends and family as well as myself. I've been enjoying the break from social media to be honest and have decided to continue doing blogging in my spare time (when I get spare time lol).

I think it can be draining when you have a busy life and do blogging at the same time especially now that the blogging community has kind of changed in my opinion. I saw so much drama last year that it got to the point when every time I logged into twitter all I could see on my timeline was all fighting between bloggers and negativity, I needed a break from it. 

I changed 'The Bloggers Post' because I had been running that page for 4 years by myself and worked really hard on it. It got to the point where people were taking the p***. I don't want to go all into it but I just decided to change the page to feature my blog posts from Caledonian Kitty. I'm still happy to do some retweets (which I still do from time to time) for fellow bloggers and favourite brands. 

I also got fed up with the way certain brands (or the PR representing that brand) were treating myself and fellow bloggers. Certain brands ripping bloggers off still seems to be a thing and it seems worse than ever. I've had some bad experiences with some brands. I keep saying 'certain' and 'some' because I do know that there is some brands out there who do play fair with bloggers but sadly it seems to be a small amount. 

I still get emails every day from PRs/Brands looking to collaborate and I'm very picky with who I collaborate with and making sure that everything is fair for them and for me. I've had to say no plenty of times to people who expect everything for nothing. This is a good 2018 resolution if you're a blogger and you're reading this... don't sell yourself short! 

I do plan to write some posts this year about my blogging experiences, good and bad with brands and other bits and pieces aswell as sharing my latest beauty finds and giveaways. I love blogging about products that I've actually bought myself and know are fabulous quality. I also enjoy reading blog posts from bloggers who give their genuine opinions on products they've bought. A blogger/youtuber  got caught out last year over a certain famous youtubers advent calender. The overpriced and tacky calender was sent to her to review and she got over excited when she opened each advent door. I think everyone is more switched on now as to ads and sponsored posts (at least I hope they are lol). 

Don't forget to take a break from social media, schedule some tweets for a week or however long you need. It'll do you the world of good and don't forget to pamper yourself!

see you in the next post...x 

*Image is my own, products purchased by moi.

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