The Ultimate Autumn Tag

 I don't know about you, but I love this time of year. Not only because it's that time of year when we get to celebrate Halloween, bonfire night (which happens to be my birthday...I love being a bonfire night baby) and of course Christmas, but because there seems to be a positive, happy feeling in the air. It feels like the year is winding down (which it is) and that we can finally kick off our heels, let our hair down and have some fun after a stressful year. 

It's been a while since I did a tag and I thought I would create this one, for a little bit of fun and in spirit of the autumn-festive mood. Have a go if you have the patience, it'll keep you feeling chirpy and festive whilst drinking your hot chocolate.

Q1, What is your favourite hot drink at this time of year?

I love a hot chocolate but at the moment, I'm really loving vanilla chai tea.

Q2, What is your favourite food at this time of year?

A nice quorn roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Q3, What is your favourite chocolate?

Cadburys is usually my go-to chocolate but I've been loving Hotel Chocolat lately.

Q4, What are your favourite autumn-themed nail shades?

I like dark nails, deep reds, dark greens and blacks.

Q5, Favourite lipsticks or lip glosses you like to rock at this time of year?

Dark reds for that more vampy look

Q6, Favourite autumn outdoor footwear?

My black knee-high boots from MissPap 

Q7, Fluffy socks, slippers or both?

I like both!

Q8, Favourite scented candles?

I love spiced apple, cinnamon, festive scents.

Q9, What is your No 1 handbag essential for autumn?

E45 Cream 

Q10, Do you like Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

I must be the only person in the world who hasn't tried it yet.

Q11, Favourite hot pudding?

Apple pie and custard 

Q12, Favourite hot chocolate brand?


Q13, Do you like going for autumn walks?

I like going for autumn walks, even more so when it's up in Scotland around Loch Lomond and places like that. 

Q14, Things you dislike about autumn?

Halloween should last a week

Q15, Things you love about autumn?

The food, the atmosphere, the celebrations, the fashion, the blog posts, the shopping, festive scented candles and music, fluffy socks, hot chocolate.

Q16, Bubblebath or shower?

Shower if I'm in a hurry, bubblebath if I'm in pampering mode.

Q17, Lush or The Body Shop?

Has to be Lush! Gorgeous products and they are nice online as they are instore with bloggers and customers.

Q18, Will you be carving a pumpkin for Halloween?

Yes, and I'll be getting tea lights to put inside lol

Q19, Favourite Halloween movie?

The one and only "Halloween". I watch it every Halloween night, Love it!

Q20, Describe your comfiest outfit (ie: pj's, onesie etc):

Fluffy socks, slipper boots, lounge bottoms, crop top, pink fluffy dressing gown. It's a fashion disaster but comfy as hell.  

Q21, Do the darker evenings bother you or do prefer them?

I used to dislike darker evenings but now I prefer them. I feel more cosy with candles etc 

Q22, Favourite horror movie character?

Freddy Krueger 

Q23, Fave autumn accessories?

Scarves, gloves, hats and boots.

Q24, Favourite book to read on autumn evenings?

I'm not reading anything at the moment but I love reading true crime books.

Q25, What are your favourite autumn themed blog posts to read? 

Lush hauls and Halloween makeup looks.

Q26, Are you feeling excited for Christmas yet?

I'm always excited for Christmas, it's one of my favourite times of the year.

Q27, Plans for Halloween?

Horror movie night, munchies, booze, pumpkins 

Q28, Favourite autumn hairstyle?

Pigtails or straight and sleek

Q29, Favourite autumn range ( Lush, The Body Shop, Molton Brown etc)

Molton Brown

And finally....Q30, What colours do you associate autumn with most?

Red, orange and brown. 

Did you make it to the end? I salute you! Thanks for sticking with me through the post, why don't you have a go. Send me your link if you do and I'll share it on The Bloggers Post 

See you in the next post x