October Favourites!

October's been a great month for all things beauty, lifestyle, food and TV related. I've just finished binge watching 'Stranger Things 2' and 'Mindhunter' on Netflix over the weekend. Are you a fan of the shows? what did you think of the final scenes of each show? Well, I'm excited for the next series of both of them but I'm sure they'll keep us in suspense. Don't worry, I promise I won't give any spoilers away here if you haven't already checked them out. 

I'm in a bit of a chirpy mood because it's my birthday this Sunday (November 5th), yes I'm a Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes baby. I'm looking forward to some scrumptious birthday cake, fireworks and cheesy music (just kidding about the cheesy music but there will definitely be some 80's tunes in there along with my beloved Depeche Mode and Morrissey of course) but anyway enough about birthday shenanigans and Netflix, let's get to the products I've been loving this month...

If you've checked out my previous post about these chocolate delights from Hotel Chocolat you'll remember I described them as "chocolate heaven in a box" and "the chocoholics dream". I think that pretty much sums up my thoughts on 'The Autumn Sleekster' box which features some of the stunning chocolates that you can see from the above picture. They're amazing. 

I had so much fun with this collaboration with The Pink Parcel not only did I get the chance to review their October box (which was pink themed as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month) I also ran a giveaway which included a 12 month subscription to their fantastic boxes. These are a must have for that time of the month.

Impulse have always been iconic from as far back as I can remember. My mum and sisters have always been big fans as have I. One of my earliest childhood memories is pinching a can of Impulse out of my mums bag and spraying it everywhere, I just loved the scent so much. I carried on being a fan through my teenage years up until the present day, they always have amazing campaigns and seem to come up with new fresh and exciting scents every time. No matter what scent they come up with you can always tell that it's an Impulse spray and it's no wonder that it never goes out of fashion. 

I was excited to try out these three new beautiful body mists: burnt marshmallow and leather jacket (a seductive scent that reminded me not only of sweet marshmallows but with a little hint of coconut), white lace and muddy grass (a light fresh, musky fragrance that reminded me of summer festivals) , purple petals and smoky sky (light, floral, fun and girly). These stunning body mists are perfect for whichever mood you're in whether you're looking for something rich or subtle these are perfect. You can find them at Superdrug for only £6.99 (150ml). 

I was looking for a new notebook and came across the Zoella stationary range in Superdrug and really liked the cute Wonderful Journal (retails at £15.00) so I picked that up along with the Gelato Sauce (£5.00), Gelato Shower Shake (£6.00) and the gingerbread man bath fizzers (I can't find them on the Superdrug website but you can also purchase them here on Amazon)

I didn't know what to expect at first but since using the products in my shower/bath, I have to say that I find them quite fun with a subtle scent and they do leave my skin feeling really soft and they don't irritate my sensitive skin.

My favourite subscription box of the month and perhaps...ever? has to be the "Fabric, Fashion and Fragrance" Discovery box from The Perfume Society I wrote all about it in my recent post 

If you're a lover of designer fragrances and high end brands this is an absolute must-have for you. The perfume society have various discovery boxes to suit every taste for male and female. I have included their fantastic range of discovery boxes in my recent post along with their delights on their website, be sure to check them out. 

Other favourites this month:

- Being an avid plucker of my eyebrows back in the 90's (showing my age..shhh) it was a miracle that I got them them to grow back at all. As I don't pluck them as much as back then, I still have to keep them tidy and in shape. I don't have the patience to go to a brow bar because I can't face walking around with crazy brows in public so I found a little gem of a beauty tool for those of you who can't stand the plucking and want a more pain-free approach to grooming. Step forward the Hollywood Browzer 

Not only does the Hollywood Browzer take care of your brows, it also takes care of any other little stray hairs you may have, quick, easy and pain free. 

- I don't know about you but I've been feeling the stress lately so I've upped my herbal tea game and have been trying to avoid caffeine. Usually it would be a struggle to keep away from my normal caffeinated tea and coffee but I picked up some yummy relaxing Pukka teas in  Holland and Barrett I opted for "Chamomile, Vanilla and Manuka Honey" and "Vanilla Chai Tea". They both seem to be doing the trick and I don't crave the caffeinated drinks plus the Vanilla Chai tea reminds me of Christmas tea.

I have a few other products I haven't included here which I will be including in next months favourites post so keep your eyes peeled for them. 

The next time I post I'll be a year older (but not wiser lol). Thank you as always for reading my posts, for subscribing etc. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy Bonfire night as much as I will x Jo

* All images are my own. Opinions are 100% genuine. Pukka/Zoella products purchased by me. The pink parcel/Hotel Chocolat/Impulse/The perfume society are samples *

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