The Chocoholics Dream

I've always been a Chocoholic but up until recently I've only ever been one to buy those everyday Chocolate brands that you can purchase at your local shop. I've only ever tended to buy Expensive Chocolates at Special Occasions or as a rare Treat but even then I could never find a brand that ticked all the boxes for me. Some of the more pricey Chocolate brands that I had tried in my opinion all tended to taste similar whereas I was looking for a Box of Chocolates that, not only screamed 'Luxury' but had Chocolates handcrafted to perfection with each Chocolate taking you on a Journey with each bite with different tastes, flavours, textures and guess what..... I've found the holy grail of Chocolates, Step Forward Hotel Chocolat 

If you've ever been lucky enough to try any of the Luxurious Delights that Hotel Chocolat have had to offer over the years then you will understand why I'm making such as fuss. As much as it pained me to share the box of heaven below with friends and family (who've now been converted to Hotel Chocolat Devotees), it was, I must admit such an Enjoyable Experience. I would watch as they took one of the Beautifully designed Chocolates from the Magnificent The Autumn Sleekster and the reactions of "Wow", "These are Amazing", "OMG, I love them" and "Get me these for Christmas" rang out loud and clear. I've never seen such a reaction over Chocolates before. I'm beyond Obsessed with Hotel Chocolat and I just knew they would have these reactions because I was blown away myself at how Amazing these Chocolates are. 

Nothing can prepare you for the wonderful tastes, melt in the mouth textures, creamy textures, fluffy textures, velvety and smoothness, every chocolate a work of Art, every taste a new Journey. This beautifully designed box has every Chocoholics dream within it. 

Nothing can compare to seeing the beautifully designed chocolates in real life. The Attention to detail is Breathtaking. From the design right down to the taste, each Chocolate is unique and I fell in love with every one of them. It's rare to find a box of Chocolates where you enjoy and adore every Chocolate but the Geniuses at Hotel Chocolat have done it for me with this Stunning Box.

Have you ever seen a more Beautiful Box of Chocolates? Every Chocoholics Dream in a Box. 

The Autumn Sleekster  contains a Delicious selection of Mouthwatering Autumn Themed Chocolates that are bursting with different flavours and textures from Caramel to Praline. You'll find new tastes to surprise your taste buds and tastes that spark memories of Cosy Autumn Evenings Some of the Chocolates contain little cheeky tipples. The box contains a Menu with each Chocolate detailed together with a guide to inform you if each Chocolate contains Nuts, Gluten etc. It's no wonder these Chocolates are also called 'Little Autumn Puddings', they leave you with that Satisfied, Cosy and happy warm feeling that comes with being warm on a beautiful Autumn evening. 

The Autumn Sleekster retails at only £22.50 which is Amazing for the size of the box and quality. Hotel Chocolat is Adored by Celebrities and is the height of Style, Quality and Sophistication when it comes to Chocolate. They are head and shoulders above the rest and their Chocolates are perfect to buy at any time of the year.

There is also a smaller version of The Autumn Sleekster, available in H-Box (Containing 14 Chocolates) which retails at only £12.50, which again is an Amazing price for these Divine Chocolates.

And if your taste buds were going crazy as it is just looking at The Autumn Sleekster Box, you'll be even more whipped up into a frenzy when you see Hotel Chocolat's Autumn Range 

With a price and taste to suit everyone from Adults to Children, Hotel Chocolat has got you covered. Just imagine how impressed your Wife, Mum, Friend would be if they unwrapped a beautiful box of these Chocolates. When someone buys you a gift from Hotel Chocolat you know that they've gone to a lot of trouble and put a lot of thought into it. A gift from Hotel Chocolat makes you feel Special. I felt like a Pampered Diva with these Chocolates. 

And just when I thought I couldn't Fangirl enough....wait for it.... They have their own range of Luxurious Hot Chocolat and Tea! Can you imagine anything better than curling up with a cup or mug of Hotel Chocolat/Tea or popping some in your Travel Flask on the way to Work. They really have thought of everything haven't they! 

I haven't tried the Teas but rest assured I'll be popping these in my basket. If their Gorgeous Classic Hot Chocolat is anything to go by, I can imagine the Delicious sounding Teas and Hot Chocolates with be just as heavenly. 

In their Hot Chocolat range you'll find Exciting and luxurious Flavours such as Salted Caramel, Milky Hot Chocolate, Chili Hot Chocolate, 85% Dark Chocolate, 100% Dark Chocolate and of course The Classic Hot Chocolat that I mentioned earlier. All Retailing at £9.00. 

The Amazing Tea Flavours sound like they're beyond our Dreams too, with Flavours such as: CaCao & Peppermint, CaCao Breakfast Tea, CaCao Camomile & Lemon Tea (Perfect for Relaxing), CaCao & Ginger (If you need a Little Lift), CaCao, Chai & chili and CaCao with Lemongrass and Ginseng (For an Energy Boost). All of the Delicious sounding Teas are priced at only £5.00.

You can find all the Amazing products mentioned on  Hotel Chocolat on line and In store. Have you had the pleasure of visiting one of their Stores? You'll find  Beautifully laid out displays of the most beautiful chocolates you can imagine along with Amazing Customer Service. 

You can find Hotel Chocolat on:

Find out about their Monthly Chocolate Tasting Club Subscription where you can try your first box for only £9.95 Here!

As Always, Thanks for checking out my post & I'll see you in the Next One x


*Products were gifted to me for this post, all opinions are my own and 100% Genuine....I'm Really Obsessed with Hotel Chocolat. All Images are my own*

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