How to be a Successful Blogger without breaking the bank!

Hi All!

I've had a few Emails and Tweets recently from Newbie Bloggers asking for Tips on how to build their blog, work with brands, get the views and how to promote their blog. 

These are my Tips that I've picked up along the way. If you have any others that may help fellow newbie bloggers then feel free to add them in the comments section or create your own post.

So here goes...

- First of all I agree that a nice presented, designed blog layout is great, it does look professional and does encourage brands to want to work with you. However, not everyone can afford to pay for big, fancy blog layouts from blog designers. My advice on this is to go with Blogger, Wordpress etc and customize it yourself. As you can see with my Blog I have stuck with a simple layout, nothing flashy and it's always worked for me. I like the pictures of the products that I'm reviewing to do the talking. Some Brands are different to others, some prefer blogs with cartoons, others prefer a clean, simple look. 

- I've been approached quite a few times to sign up to Blogger Websites where they charge you for having an account with them and claim to put you in touch with big brands. I signed up to a few in the past but decided to leave it after they were asking for payment. Don't be scared to reach out to Brands preferable by Email and don't be shy to promote your blog to them. I have always contacted Brands through Email myself. If you've just started your blog reach out to smaller brands first.

- Use RT Accounts to promote your Blog. There are quite a few Twitter pages dedicated to Retweeting Bloggers Posts. I Retweet Hundreds of Bloggers Posts and Links Everyday on The Bloggers Post A lot of PR Companies follow me on there as well as thousands of Brands so it's a good way to get some exposure for your blog not only to them but to fellow bloggers.

- Create your own RT Account, This is another great way to connect with Bloggers and Brands and also promote your own blog.

- If you're having a quiet week and not collaboating with Brands or have nothing to review on your Blog, switch it up a little bit and write some Topical posts. The Posts could be Tags, Reviews of a Book you've read or a Guest post. 

- Enter Competitions on Twitter and review the products you have won on your Blog if the products fit in with your Blog. 

- If you're good at designs, offer to create headers for other Bloggers and charge a fee as a side way of making some money.

- Keep putting your Blog out there...Don't be shy! PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! 

- Don't be afraid to share your previous posts too, share them as many times as you want.

- Pin your Blog/Social Media links to your Twitter and Google Pages. Include your Blog link in your Twitter Bio.

- Use Hashtags to help promote your blog such as: #TheBloggersPost #BloggersBlast #Bbloggers #Lbloggers etc 

- Look for opportunities, reach out to Brands, Check the Hashtag #BloggersWanted #BloggersRequired for brands looking for Bloggers to do reviews.

- If you're short of cash and need to create a nice background for a review you can find all kinds of Camera tricks using Filters, Wallpaper, Wrapping Paper, Flowers, Faux Fur Throws, Go for a walk in the park and take pictures. 

- If you can't afford to splash out on an expensive camera you can achieve some Awesome pictures with your Camera Phone, some Good lighting, a pretty background and a little bit of filtering. 

- Collaborate with Brands on Giveaways or if you can afford it buy some products and hold some Giveaways to help promote your Blog and that Brand (if they're collaborating with you...other than that just promote yourself haha!!). This will also help promote your blog.

- Take part in Blogger chats if you're looking to connect with fellow Bloggers and follow each other on Social Media.

Well, I think I've covered all of my Tips. Have I left anything out? leave your Tips/Comments below.

I'm off to have a Cup of Tea! Hope some of these Tips were of use as they've worked for me in the past/present.

See you in the next post & if you have any further questions drop me a line at: